Sheremetievo Airport

"Sheremetyevo" International Airport is located in 28 km to the north-west from Moscow and in 11 km from Moscow Ring Road. It was opened in 1980.

There are two sectors: "Sheremetyevo" International Airport, or Sheremetyevo-2 andSheremetyevo-1. The airfield is common for both Sectors and it is classified as "А" category, universal for all types of existing aircrafts and has 2 paved runways.

Both terminals being theorganic whole are divided not only territorially but also functionally. Sheremetyevo-1 generally conducts internal air flights. Sheremetyevo-2 serves international flights only and it is the most well-known airport in Russia.

Currently more than 70 air companies conduct flights to "Sheremetyevo" International Airport on a regular basis. Annually Sheremetyevo-2 accounts for one forth of total number of passengers departed from airports of the Russian Federation. The InternationalAirport is capable to service 2100 passengers per hour. For nine months of 2008 11 million 833 thousand people have used services of the Airport and that is by 10.3% more year on year. The number of passengers serviced in the first month of this autumn has increased by 8.2%.

The Airport (first in Russia) has been assigned with III А Category of ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) that allows providing flights of aircrafts without limitations with respect to flight level and with visual range at runway not less than 200 m.


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+7 (495) 232-65-65, +7 (495) 578-91-01

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