Internal and external rail transportation in Russia carries out by Open Joint-Stock Company Russian Railways. Passenger trains depart for 19 countries of the Europe and Asia, and now in view of new directions (Moscow — Munich, Moscow — Amsterdam, Moscow — Paris and Moscow — Basel) altogether trains and through-coaches of Open Joint-Stock Company «RZD» run on 56 international routes and are served both the Russian railways, and railways of Poland, Germany, France, Czechia, Finland, Mongolia, China, Northern Korea.

In Moscow functions totality 9 railway stations located in different parts of the city — Belorussky, Kazansky, Kievsky, Kursky, Leningradsky, Paveletsky, Rizhsky, Savelovsky, Yaroslavlsky. As a rule, the name of station corresponds with the direction where trains depart from it. So, from the Belorussky railway station a train leave for Belarus and further for the Western Europe, from the Kievsky — for Ukraine and for the countries of the Southern Europe. To St.-Petersburg and further to the Northern Europe trains follow from the Leningrad station. From Paveletsky (previous Saratovsky) station trains follow to the Middle- and Low-Volga region and CIS-countries of the near abroad, etc. Savelovsky station of the capital provides only the suburban traffic.

All Moscow stations, and especially international, have the developed infrastructure, well equipped waiting rooms. There are cafes, shops, chemist’s shop and other public significant objects in their territory. All capital stations are equipped by ramps — lifts for invalids.

The passenger trains going a way from the Moscow stations can be fast and passenger, long-distance, local and suburban traffic ones depending on their speed and distance which train passes. Fast trains do along the line less stops, than passenger, besides duration of these stops is insignificant. There are also firm trains, express trains with coaches with higher comfort. For travel is better to choose conditioned coaches with four-seater compartments, soft coaches with double compartments, and also coaches with higher comfort in which there are not only air-conditioner, but also TV, Internet access, shower room. There are also coache


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